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Video RecipesMinLevelrecipe_sourceRank
Bengali Shrimp Curry (Chingri Malaikari)6.52MediumHetal and Anuja
Coconut & Shrimp fry3.16MediumChef Sanjay
Coconut Curry Mussels5.20MediumKatie Stiles
Crab Cake8.32MediumChef Sanjay
Easy Shrimp Curry5.46MediumEasyFishCurry
Egg Shrimp Curry2.05MediumEasyFishCurry
Fried Prawns4.16MediumCookeryShow
Goan King Prawn Curry8.43MediumChef Shaan
Goan Shrimp curry8.28MediumChef Sanjay
Indian-Spiced Shrimp5.58EasyHolababy - Ami
Jinga Hariyali - Shrimp with green masala5.14MediumChef Sanjay
Pan Seared Shrimp5.23EasyHetal and Anuja
Prawn curry9.46MediumUKTVFoodChannel
Red Curry Mussels7.40MediumChef Keith Snow
Shrimp Curry6.34MediumEatEastIndian
Shrimp Curry Recipe5.18MediumSheba Fehmi
Shrimp In Coconut Masala Fry6.07MediumChef Sanjay
Shrimp or Prawns puli,pulusu in tamarind sauce7.06MediumChef Sanjay
Shrimp prawn pickle - 13.32EasyChef Sanjay
Stinky Delight - taro root dumplings with dry shrimp 3.12MediumChef Sanjay
Yogurt Shrimp4.29MediumEasyFishCurry

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