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Discover how to cook Mexican Cuisine

Pastry video recipes
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Video RecipesMinLevelrecipe_sourceRank
BBQ Fajita2.43MediumKraftfoods
Bean Burrito2.25MediumMyRecipesTV
Beef Nachos4.31MediumOnePotChef
Breakfast Fajita part13.41EasyFoodea
Breakfast Fajita part23.42EasyFoodea
Breakfast Pizza10.53MediumMichael Clark
carne adovada part1 (Chili Burritos)9.05MediumChef Ken
carne adovada part2 (Chili Burritos)7.30MediumChef Ken
Cast Iron Quesadilla9.04MediumChef Dave
Chicken Fajitas1.32MediumDiscoveryFoods
Chicken Quesadilla1.46MediumChef Jason Hill
Chicken Quesadilla with Guacamole7.48MediumChef Dave
Churros - Mexican sweet pastry5.56MediumIlovetocookalot
Corn Tortilla chips1.43EasyChef Keith Snow
Easy Breakfast Quesadilla2.48EasySara Foster
El Paso Pizza 3.32MediumChef John
Flour Gorditas6.33EasyChef Sandy
Flour Tortillas4.39MediumChef Keith Snow
Fresh Vegetable Burritos2.08MediumCooking With Kids
Green Chili and Crispy Corn Tortilla Strips6.39HardSara Foster
Grilled Quesadillas2.38EasySara Foster
Homemade Tortillas7.07MediumHilah Cooking
Ironed Stuffed chickenTortilla3.25EasyChef Niall Harbison
Jalapeno Rollups5.10MediumChef Egg
Mexican Pizza 6.18MediumChef Brian
Mexican Stromboli2.55MediumTheVittleVlog
Mexican Style Quesadilla3.48MediumBilly Parisi
Orange-Dust Cookies2.43MediumChef Sandy
Pignolata2.15MediumBilly Parisi
Pizza Dough Recipe 6.07MediumChef Brian
Quesadilla with Chicken and Pinto Beans5.18MediumChef Keith Snow
Quesadillas4.57MediumMichael Clark
Quesadillas with lime and onion salsa7.15MediumCooksForCooks
Quick Quesadilla1.00Easykooktocook
Quick Shrimp Tostada3.47MediumSara Foster
Spicy Flour Tortilla Crackers5.56MediumBetty's Kitchen
Spinach and Mushroom Enchiladas6.44MediumBeryl Stokes
Spinach Enchiladas7.41MediumSue Mallick
Spinach Enchiladas6.43EasyScott Hargrove
Taco - Style Pizza2.56MediumKraftfoods
Taco-Style Pizza2.56MediumKraftfoods
Tomalito5.01MediumJenny Cooks
Tortilla Recipe3.53EasyChef Jason Hill
Tortillia Chips At Home Recipe1.02EasyBarbecueTricks
Wheat Flour Tortillas7.06MediumMaria Jose

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